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Description of Anteater

´╗┐Anteaters, armadillos, sloths, and several extinct species make up an order of mammals called Edentata ("without teeth"), now found only in the Western Hemisphere and chiefly in South America. Only one species of the order, the long-nosed armadillo, is found in the United States, chiefly in Texas. Although the name of the order means "toothless", armadillos and sloths do have a single set of teeth, which look like wooden pegs, lack enamel, and are constantly growing. Only the anteater do not have teeth. Edentates live in a number of habitats, including subtropical and tropical environments. Giant anteater live in grasslands but also can be found in western South American forests. They feed on termites and ants, either at night or during the day. Lesser anteater live mostly in tropical rain forests and are nocturnal in their habits, preferring to hunt at night. Tree sloths live in trees in humid tropical forests, where they feed exclusively on leaves and plants. Armadillos are found in grasslands and forests and live in burrows. They feed mainly on insects and worms.

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