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Description of Chimpanzee

´╗┐Chimpanzees are highly intelligent and emotional animals. They demonstrate many humanlike traits, such as a rudimentary culture, in their adaptive responses to environmental challenges.

Physical Characteristics of Chimpanzees

Woodland chimpanzees weigh between 73 and 132 pounds. The bonobo weighs from seventythree to ninety-nine pounds. Females are about 10 percent smaller than males. Chimpanzees have powerful arms and shoulders and locomote through knuckle-walking, a form of quadrupedalism, although they are occasionally bipedal, and can also brachiate (swing through trees and branches). Chimpanzee forelimbs (arms) are longer than their hindlimbs. Vision is in color and highly acute. Chimpanzees have short thumbs, and their grasping ability is somewhat impaired relative to humans. Both Pan troglodytes and Pan piniscus are promiscuous. Females of each species exhibit sexual swelling when they are receptive to mating; however, there is no consistent breeding season.

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Photo Gallery of Chimpanzee