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Description of Eagles

´╗┐The eagles of the world are swift, powerful birds of prey long admired for their power, ferocity, and regal bearing. They range in size from the great Philippine eagle (Pithecanthropos jefferyi) of the Philippines andNewGuinea to the Nicobar serpent-eagle (Spilornis klossi), which occurs only on the Great Nicobar Island off the coast of Malaysia, and is smaller than many hawks. In the strict taxonomic sense, the term "eagle" is a generic term applied to any large, swift, and powerful bird or group of birds of prey. All are characterized by a large, hooked bill, keen vision (called "eagle-eyed sight"), and long, broad wings for lifting prey. The name "eagle" was originally applied to the largest birds of prey found in the northern hemispheres. The discovery of many species of tropical eagles that are smaller than some hawk species removed the eagle as the king of birds, at least in size. Furthermore, the four groups of birds of prey that bear the name eagle are apparently not very closely related; some are more similar to harriers, others to kites, and still others to buteo hawks. Taxonomically, all eagles are placed in the avian order Falconiformes, which is split into two families, the slimmer and swifter falcons in the family Falconidae and the others-the harriers, kites, accipiters, and eagles-in the family Accipitrinae. The four groups of eagles include the sea eagles, snake or serpent eagles, crested eagles, and booted eagles.

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